EPRI Motor/Generator Rewind Seminar July 17-20

2018-09-04 13:22:34 haoxiumin 21

This three and one half day seminar is for specialists and non-specialists who specify, contract, and accept motor or generator repairs and rewinds. Included in the program is material on increasing the capacity of power plant motors and information on turbine generator rewinding practices. Industry standards (including IEEE, NEMA, and API), insulation materials, processes, coil design and coil manufacturing, stator cores and core testing, rotors, and bearings are all discussed. There is material on motor testing, VPI resins, and tiered motor maintenance. Information is also presented on purchasing new motors. The seminar is held at the facilities of TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company in Round Rock, TX. A tour of this large motor and generator repair and manufacturing facility is included. Seminar presenters and TWMC engineers are available for consultation on specific technical issues during the seminar.


The fee for the Rewind Seminar is $1,995.00. To register, return completed registration form with payment: check (payable to Jarsco Engineering Corp.) or credit card payment to Jim Oliver, 18901 State Street, Corona, CA 92881.

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