• 2024/05/24 cucu suhartini

    Please kindly qoute us: Rotary arc high voltage contactor type HGR-862C 1pc

  • 2024/05/17 Frank gilbert

    Hello Dear, We need your company product details, prices, catalog with good prices and your payment terms. Also would like to know the lead-time for your production. Looking forward to your early feedback. Please Stay Safe! Thanks & Regards Best Regards Frank Gilbert Sales Support Specialist PCB TRADING COMPANY Ltd. Daimlerstraße 1, 76742 Wörth am Rhein, Germany TEL: +971528711054 what's app: +971528711054 email:sales03pcb@pcbtradings.com

  • 2024/05/14 ahmet

    hı dear I want to know the diameter of the connecting shaft of the AEVF model engine.

  • 2024/05/06 Polina Filichkin

    Hello please provide your price offer for 1 unit of Motor attached

  • 2024/04/27 Alessandro Molari

  • 2024/04/25 Haris

    Dear Sir/Madam We need IE2 and IE3 Motors for compressors with ratings 90KW, 110KW, 132KW, 160KW and 185KW

  • 2024/04/23 Stanislav Khamatdinov

    Dear colleagues! I represent the Joint Stock Company "Uralgidromash" (https://uralgidromash.ru/en/ ). Our company dates back to 1727 and we are currently a manufacturer of large industrial pumps. As part of replacing the pump unit, the customer requests that a pump of our production be equipped with a TECO-Westinghouse electric motor. I have attached the characteristics of the electric motor. Please clarify the possibility of manufacturing, cost, terms of payment and shipment of the requested 1 pcs. electric motor. For any questions you are interested in, please write by email. Sincerely, Joint Stock Company "Uralgidromash" Hydraulic Machine Sales Directorate Group Head Stanislav Khamatdinov

  • 2024/04/18 Raphael Prazeres

    Dear, I hope this email finds you well. We are currently in the process of exploring new suppliers for our importation needs, and we are interested in your products. Specifically, we are seeking information regarding importation to Brazil, as well as a datasheet for the material and a price quotation. Below are the details of the items we are interested in: 04 Units - Specific Bearing, for GE Electric Motor; Pn: ZOLLERN ZFZLB 18-200 We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the necessary information and a comprehensive price quotation, including any applicable taxes, shipping costs, and lead times for delivery to Brazil. Additionally, if you could kindly share the datasheet for the mentioned material, it would greatly assist us in our evaluation process. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards

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