Teco Motor joins in the 11th Wuixi International Design Expo in 2014

2018-09-04 13:24:41 haoxiumin 59

On May 23, 2014, the 11thChina(Wuxi) International Expo was hold inWuxiInternationalExhibitionCenter, Teco as a famous motor manufacturer was invited to join in this Expo.

The government officers in Wuxicity including Ms. Huanglixin as the Party Secretary visited Teco's exhibition booth, Teco's YB3 explosion-proof motor and Ex-high efficiency TEV2/TEF2 (GB2/IE3) won enthusiastic approval. Teco's effort on energy saving and environment protection was praised, and encouraged to strive for more development in new technology area.


(Officers visited Teco motor products)

Teco's Ex-High efficiency TEV2/TEF2(GB2/IE3) motor was rewarded as the 3rd of  "Taihu Lake Award"  in this Expo.

Meanwhile, other products from Teco group attractived these government officers and got approval and encouragement.


(Officers visited Intelligent Home Furnishing from Teco Group)

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