EF type – finned side flange mounted bearing

EF type slide bearing product introductionThe integrated side flange on the housing permits the bearing to be installed directly on the nameplate. The surfaces of the housing are optimally finned for

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EF type slide bearing product introduction

The integrated side flange on the housing permits the bearing to be installed directly on the nameplate. The surfaces of the housing are optimally finned for excellent, natural cooling characteristics. The EF type is especially suitable for electric machines which do not have their own bearing foundations or the alignment work that goes with them. However, the nameplates must be torsion-resistant and able to absorb the bearing loads. 

Significantly shorter bearing clearances, and therefore more rigid rotor constructions in comparison to pedestal bearings. Self-adjusting, floating labyrinth seals are standard fitted to seal the shafts on the concealed side of the machine. 

We recommend using chamber seals in cases where there is an increased circulation of lubricant, or due to unique specifications. Access through the interior of the machine must be provided for to enable assemble and adjustment of these seals. Thanks to the numerous advantages it offers, the EF type is the most popular design for electrical machines. Side flange-mounted bearings of the type EF are less suitable for machines with sensitive rotordynamic characteristics and/or rotors with supercritical speeds. In this case, the ER, EG, and EM housing versions offer more advantageous conditions.

EF type slide bearing product features

  1. Lower noise levels in comparison to rolling bearings and resistant to loads caused by shocks thanks to low material stresses

  2. Maintenance-free or low-maintenance and easy to install

  3. Lubricant film dampens vibrations, impacts, and noise

  4. Resistant to penetration of dust and shocks

  5. Slide bearings require a small radial installation space and are structurally adaptable (can be integrated as component)

  6. Slide bearings are suitable for very high speeds

  7. Slide bearings exhibit practically no wear during fully hydrodynamic continuous operation and with hydrostatic bearings

  8. Slide bearings are most cost-effective than rolling bearings at large dimensions

EF type slide bearing product technical data


EF bearing 

ConstructionFinned side flange-mounted bearing acc. to DIN 31693 / ISO 11687-2
Size9 … 28, for shafts Ø 80 … 355 mm 
35 … 45, for shafts Ø 300 … 560 mm (600 mm) 
LubricationSelf-lubricating (loose oil ring, fixed oil ring) or external lubrication
Cooling systemNatural cooling, water cooling, or external cooling 
Bore designVarious bore designs as required, e.g. cylindrical bore, two-lobe bore, four-lobe bore, or radial tilting pad
OptionsElectric insulation, lubrication circulation system, hydrostatic jacking
AccessoriesTemperature monitoring with PT100, prepped for vibration/speed sensors

Common models of EF types slide bearing
natural coolingexternal oil cooling
9EFNLB 9-80EFZLB 9-80
EFNLB 9-90EFZLB 9-90
EFNLQ 9-80EFZLB 09-100
EFNLQ 9-90EFZLQ 9-80

EFZLQ 09-90

11EFNLB 11-090EFZLB 11-090
EFNLB 11-110EFZLB 11-110
EFNLB 11-125EFZLB 11-125
EFNLQ 11-110EFZLQ 11-110
EFNLQ 11-125EFZLQ 11-125
14EFNLB 14-125EFZLB 14-125
EFNLB 14-140EFZLB 14-140
EFNLQ 14-125EFZLQ 14-125
EFNLQ 14-140EFZLQ 14-140
18EFNLB 18-160EFZLB 18-160
EFNLB 18-180EFZLB 18-180
EFNLB 18-200EFZLB 18-200
EFNLQ 18-160EFZLQ 18-160
EFNLQ 18-180EFZLQ 18-180
EFNLQ 18-200EFZLQ 18-200
22EFNLB 22-200EFZLB 22-200
EFNLB 22-225EFZLB 22-225
EFNLB 22-250EFZLB 22-250
EFNLB 22-280EFZLB 22-280
EFNLB 22-300EFZLB 22-300
EFNLQ 22-200EFZLQ 22-200
EFNLQ 22-225EFZLQ 22-225
EFNLQ 22-250EFZLQ 22-250
EFNLQ 22-280EFZLQ 22-280
EFNLQ 22-300EFZLQ 22-300
28EFNLB 28-250EFZLB 28-250
EFNLB 28-280EFZLB 28-280
EFNLB 28-300EFZLB 28-300
EFNLB 28-315EFZLB 28-315
EFNLB 28-335EFZLB 28-335
EFNLB 28-355EFZLB 28-355
EFNLQ 28-250EFZLQ 28-250
EFNLQ 28-280EFZLQ 28-280
EFNLQ 28-300EFZLQ 28-300
EFNLQ 28-315EFZLQ 28-315
EFNLQ 28-335EFZLQ 28-335
EFNLQ 28-355EFZLQ 28-355

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