GB3 Energy Efficient Motor

The explosion-proof motor model TEV3 developed and produced by WUXI TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. complies with the national third-level energy efficiency standard (IE3/GB3) and can be driven by a general power supply or an inverter.

  • Brand :: TECO
  • Type:: TEV3(AEEV3N/AEUV3N)

TECO GB3 Energy Efficient Motors TECHNICAL DATA:

Kind of Motors:Squirrel - Cage Induction Motors ( SCIM ).

Design Standards:IEC/GB



Output Range:0.55kW ~400kW.

R.PM.(Syn.):3000~750 RPM.(2~8 Poles )

Time Duty:Continuous.S1,S.F.: 1.0.

Frame Nos.:80M~355C.

Protection Enclosure:Totally Enclosed ( IP 55 ).

Cooling Method:Self External Fan,Surface Cooling ( IC 411).


    AEEV3N:Horizontal Foot Mounted B3 ( IM 1001)

    AEUV3N:Horizontal Flange Mounted B5 ( IM 3001)

    AEEV3N:Horizontal Foot And Flange Mounted B35( IM 2001)

    AEUV3N:Vertical Flange Mounted,Shaft Down V1 ( IM 3011)

TECO GB3 Energy Efficient Motors Application:

Environment Conditions:

    Place : Shadow,Non-Hazardous. 

    Ambient Temperature :-15 ~40℃

    Humidity : Less Than 90%RH (Non-Condensation )

    Altitude : Less Than 1,000 Meters .

PowerSource Conditions:Voltage: +10%,Frequency : 5%,and 10% Max.of Combined Voltageand Frequency. But Frequency Variation Does Not         Exceed 5% .

Method of Starting:Full Voltage Direct On Line or Y -A Starting .

Drive Method:BeltService,However,2 Pole 45 kW and Up ,4、6、8Pole F# 280 and Above,Direct-Coupling Service Only.

Direction of Rotation:CW According to IEC Definition,Suitable For Bi - Directional Operation

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