TECO Helps Food and Aquaculture Industries in Energy Conservation and Carbon Abatement

2021-11-05 17:16:22 haoxiumin 84

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During Kaohsiung Food Show 2021, TECO Electric & Machinery will display a series of solutions helping food-processing and aquaculture operators in energy conservation and carbon abatement.

The solutions are meant for applications in production, packaging, and transport, such as IE3 high-performance paddle-wheel motor, water pressure control inverter, freezer featuring layer temperature management, and e-vehicle powertrain for Environmental logistics.

Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, remarks that TECO achieved its attainment of 20% emission reduction goal in 2020, five years ahead of original 10-year schedule.  Reflected in the company revenue, high-efficiency and energy-saving motor sales account for over 70% in 2020.  The company hopes to push its high-performance, energy-saving motor among aquaculture and food-processing operators, helping them not only achieve higher production efficiency but also uphold ecology and environment.

Mainly for application in water-wheel oxygen enhancement equipment for aquaculture operators, TECO's high-efficiency IE3 paddle-wheel motor is made of stainless steel, with high weather endurance and corrosion resistance, boasting long product life and over 7% power saving, as a result of which installation cost can be recovered in half a year to one year. 

Meanwhile, TECO IP66 high-protection drive is installed in E510s series, capable of being applied in rigorous environment for aquaculture, and with mobile device controlling the rotating speed of water wheel and giving alert for abnormality, it can facilitate conversion of traditional fishing ponds into automated and smart ones. Also on display are cast iron-case motor, stainless steel motor, decelerator, IE5 EC motor for fan and blower, , and high-performance energy-conserving drives, capable of meeting the needs of water pressure and temperature control for farm and poultry cleaning, and aquaculture, as well as food production and processing equipment.

Another eye-catching exhibit is e-vehicle powertrain, applicable to e-truck and 3.5-ton e-logistics trucks, contributing to the development of Taiwan green transport and e-vehicle supply chain.

Visitors can also find various popular TECO home appliances at the company's booth, including freezer with layer temperature management, O3 active oxygen and antibacterial package, steam oven, and other kitchen electric appliances.  Consumers can enjoy food and cooking at home safely during the epidemic prevention period.

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